STUDY IN BELARUSStudy in Belarus will be a great experience in the life of every student who is planning to study abroad in any field of study either its Medical,Engineering or Business field for 2020 intake.

Our experienced consultants choose the accurate university for you in Belarus according to your academic requirement.

The institute is assigned at the time of issuance of  official invitation.Admissions are confirmed by the immigration department of Belarus Government.


There are many countries in Europe for a study abroad plan but are those countries affordable like Belarus and what are future prospects.

Above all which Asian and African applicants face is visa refusal problem because refusal ratio is too high after spending much time and money on processing.

Belarus admission process till arrival is not difficult and visa for the most countries students is on arrival with the help of official study invitation and OK TO BOARD letter.

There are some certain countries which require student visa before arrival because Belarus Embassy is located in those countries like India Pakistan Egypt and Nigeria.

Belarus is a place where you will enjoy the best academic experience in a great friendly environment and affordable for international students from every corner of the world.

Its a great country to have your undergraduate  or Master degree programs with great teaching methods and English medium of instructions.


Belarus education system has a great reputation worldwide due to its highly qualified staff and degrees recognition.

International students are given guarantee for the satisfaction of their academic thirst and this they feel when they just start their academic journey in Belarus.

Students live at students hostels in sharing rooms.

There are many factors that why you should choose Belarus for your study abroad plans.


Prominent factor is that the degree you will earn in Belarus will be recognized globally.

Mostly prominent courses are taught in English medium of instructions in Belarus.

In Belarus all faculties and courses are taught for international students and there is no course which is not available at universities in Belarus.

Another important factor is that all kind of courses are available in Belarus so you may take a satisfied decision for the selection of your course no matter you want to study at undergraduate level or graduate level.

Once you have a degree from Belarus,You are capable to work in any sector of your field due to its highly skilled teaching methods and modern techniques.

Another factor is that the friendly hospitality of Belarus gives you a very light and friendly environment to learn things and you do not feel away from homeland.

Belarus has been serving foreign students from decades and used to it so an unforgettable experience is waiting for you in Belarus as an international student.

The most important factor is that Belarus has universities which international students afford easily.No huge fee for processing or universities.

Even you wonder when you arrive the Belarus that cost of living is low as compare to other European countries and yo start thinking that you have selected the very right place for your higher education.

Interested international students may write us freely anytime for their quick and fast admission process for 2021 intake in Belarus.