All international students who want to study in Belarus any course or at any university must require an admission in Belarus first and than may join their desired academic program in Belarus.

In Belarus admissions are controlled by federal migration department for all international students and only they have authority to approve the admission.

Admissions are based on qualification the international applicant has attained in his/her homeland.

For example in case any international student is applying for a bachelor degree in Belarus than the qualification required for African applicants is secondary school certificate.

Few countries like India and Pakistan require secondary school certificate and also the intermediate certificate copy for admission in undergraduate program.

For Masters courses admission in Belarus applicants must hold an undergraduate degree already.


After visiting the website pages for courses and tuition every student may choose a course of interest and inform us by Email,Whats app or Viber or may call our admission staff at anytime during working hours.A quickly reply will be effected by our admission staff.


Once the course is selected,Applicant may scan us the following documents for eligibility assessment which takes 2 days normally and the applicant is notified by an Email by admission office..

1:International Passport

2:Secondary School Certificate

After assessment of your documents admission staff notify of the decision on your enrollment possibilities by Email.


Once you are found eligible, You are required to transfer the processing fee and we forward your documents for the issuance of official study invitation by federal migration department.

Please note that admissions are confirmed by the Migration Department of Belarus not by the Colleges & Universities like in UK or USA etc etc.

Once the admission is issued and confirmed than it is scanned first and than couriered to the applicant’s address which he/she provided at the time of application.

Please note that documents should be properly scanned to us in visible and readable format for assessment.

There are applicants always who are not found eligible to study in Belarus on some academic grounds so these applicants are asked to scan some more supporting documents for their admission confirmation.

Processing time for the admission is 2 weeks once we receive the complete requirements.


In Belarus prominent courses for international students are taught in English medium of instructions but many courses are taught in Russian medium of instructions too.

To be admitted at any Belorussian university international students do not require any language test like for other countries.

Those international students who are good at English may join directly their desired program in English medium of instructions and those applicants who are not good at English may join first year preparatory program for Russian language with science subjects and learn the basic Russian for 10 Months.

Mostly applicants from Arab and French speaking countries prefer to study preparatory course first but choice remains with the applicant regarding medium of instructions.

Interested international applicants may contact us anytime freely for 2019-2020 intake through the following contact details.

WHATSAPP,PH,VIBER = +380994519824


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