Belarus student visa requirements are not changed for 2019 and remain same.


Visa is an authorization to enter any other country if required.It is a permission actually as we can not enter anybody’s home without the permission of owner.

There are several type of visa for all countries and on different grounds,For example study visa,tourist visa,business visa etc etc.

So its all about that which category you fall in for any specific country to enter legally.

Study visa is issued to those who intend to study in any other country and there are certain rules which every applicant has to follow to obtain visa.There are supporting documents which international students present to secure their visa for higher education in any other country.

A tourist visa is issued to all who just want to tour any other country for some days or weeks and there are also grounds on which these tourist visas are issued.

Business visa is issued to those who want to set up or invest in other country for broader their business or business ties.

There are also medical visa which are issued for treatment of the patient in some certain circumstances.

So visas are of many types.


Belarus study visa is issued to those who intend to study in Belarus.

Belarus issue the student visas to all those international students who are interested to study in Belarus at higher educational institutions.

Belarus student visa is issued in two conditions: Before arrival or On Arrival

Thousands of international students come to study in Belarus from all over the world and they all require a student visa for Belarus no matter what is their nationality.

This visa is issued on some official grounds.First of al you should have an official study invitation letter approved by federal migration department in Belarus.This is the first step.

Once you have the official study invitation,Than only you may check the visa requirements for international students.

Mostly foreign students has opportunity to obtain their visa upon arrival and for this on arrival visa international students must have with them official study invitation and OK TO BOARD for departure from the country airport.

Visa fee is paid at Minsk international airport and the visa is stamped in their passport.

Other Belarus student visa condition is visa before arrival.This visa is only issued to the national of those countries which has Belarus Embassy and there are few countries.

Few following countries national must obtain visa before arrival as their country has the Belarus Embassy:





Rest of the countries obtain their visa upon arrival at Minsk International Airport.

They present the all original documents before the immigration officer and also the original study invitation confirmed by Immigration department of Belarus.


1:A Valid International Passport

2:Official Study Invitation(Confirmed by the Immigration department at the time of issuance)

3:HIV Test

4:Medical Fitness Certificate

5:All Educational Transcripts

6:Return Air Ticket

7: 5 Passport size Photographs

8:Birth Certificate

Applicants must bring all original documents with them and hand over to the immigration officer at Minsk International Airport.

Interested international applicants may contact us anytime freely for 2019-2020 intake through the following contact details.

WHATSAPP,PH,VIBER = +380994519824


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