ADMISSION INTO BELARUS UNIVERSITY We welcome your esteemed interest in study in Belarus.We make the proper arrangements for your admission in Belarus.Admission in Belarus is normally merit free for international students and there is no IELTS or TOEFL is required so the most easiest admission process you will find in the whole Europe in Belarus.

Admission Procedure:

1:First of all you must choose a course and let us know by phone,email,Whatsupp or Viber.

2:We will send you the details for the course fee and other requirements.

3:Applicant scans us his/her international passport copy with SSC certificate copy.

4:Documents are assessed by the admission office and within 1-2 working days he/she is informed for his//her eligibility than he/she transfer the processing charges.

5:After we receive the processing fee transfer slip by scan,We forward the documents for the issuance of official study invitation.

Please not that according to law all type of visa invitations are not approved by the universities or colleges in Belarus.These are approved by the foreign registration immigration office only.

Admission documents should be scanned in the following email:

Whatsupp & Viber: 380506742243


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