Belarus offer different type of visas and everyone who wants to travel to Belarus requires a Belarus student visa for his/her study purpose in Belarus.Belarus offer two type of visas before arrival and upon arrival for different countries nationals.

There are no major Belarus visa laws changes for international students in 2021.


Visa is an authorization to enter legally into the territory of another country and different countries has different visa rules for different nationalities.

A visa is normally issued by the Embassies of respective country where anybody wants to travel.

Every Embassy has visa issuing staff who has rights to issue or refuse the visa on some grounds.

Normally a set of documents is required according to the type of visa at the time of interview by visa officer for any country.

Some countries has visa free travel contracts for their nationals for example a national of Ukraine may travel to any European Union country without visa so there are some countries having such accords for the ease of their nationals.


To enter Belarus everybody must require a visa but for the most of the countries Belarus has on arrival visa and it is issued at the Minsk International Airport.

Belarus issues business visas students visas tourist visas medical treatment visas and some more categories.

For example businessmen require an invitation from Belarus to visit Belarus and students require a study invitation approved by federal migration department for study purpose.

Some countries like India Nigeria Pakistan Egypt has Belarus Embassies located in their countries so nationals of these countries must obtain visa before arrival.

In case Belarus Embassy is not located in the country of applicant than he/she obtains his/her visa upon arrival at Minsk International Airport.

For a student visa in case applicants obtain upon arrival due to non existence of Belarus Embassy in his/her country he/she must bring some additional documents with him/her which are immigration requirements.


1. Passport with expiry date of at least 1 year following the end of visa validity and at least 3 blank pages.

2. Visa application form, printed or written in block letters. It must be filled in carefully, clearly and precisely and signed personally by the applicant.

3. Two recent color pictures against the white background (30x40mm).

4. Original of birth certificate and a copy legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country.

5. Original invitation approved by federal migration department in Belarus

6. Original of school-leaving certificate of secondary school (college) record with enclosed statement of results (transcript of marks received) and their copies legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country.

7. Medical certificate of general fitness legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country. Medical certificate is valid for TWO MONTHS, which means an applicant has to enroll to his/her institution within two months since medical certificate was issued.

8. Travel medical Insurance

9. Return air ticket (Immigration requirements for all international students)

In case there is some more information on Belarus student visa requirements or you have questions in mind than write us for 2021 Belarus visa requirements.




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