Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe. Its capital is Minsk a business hub.Belarus has


borders with Ukraine,Poland,Russia,Latvia and Lithuania.

Belarus consists of 207.6 thousand square

meter.Belarus has short distances with the capitals of bordering countries.
Vilnius about

210 kilometers, Warsaw about 540 kilometers, Riga about 470 kilometers, Kiev about 560 kilometers, Moscow about 690 kilometers.

During your tour you will find everything in Belarus and an unforgetable tour with great experiences.Belarus has a great traditional history and super landscapes which give you great imaginations.

Belarus got its independence in 1991 from Russia and is a very close friend to Russia and Russian culture even reflects in Belarus everywhere you will feel.

Belarus has its own language called Belorussian but Russian language is understood and spoken everywhere in Belarus.

Belarus is full of churches and villages and also forests.Belarus is heaven for hunters and from everywhere hunters come for the hunting in Belarus and enjoy their hunting experience in Belarus.

There are also a lot of parks in Belarus which are visited by the tourists every year in summer as the best spending of summer vacations Belarus is an ideal place.

There are also beautiful lakes in Belarus which attract the thousands of tourists every year.

Many fish hunters come to Belarus and enjoy their hunting in Belarus because of its unique environment for fishermen.

Belarus has a very very rich culture and is always knows for its hospitality for tourists.

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