Education system for foreign students is quite simple and easier to follow.

There are two type of courses are taught for foreign students.First is that if your native language is not English OR you are not good at English than first year you study at preparatory faculty for Russian language and its a 10 Months course.During this course students are taught the writing,reading and speaking the Russian language and the teaching staff is always much experienced and students get a good knowledge of Russian language to study further their degree programs.

Preparatory courses are taught at universities level and from English to Russian program.This program also give the students basics of Russian language and make their life much easier during their stay and even communicate with Belarussian community.

The universities where international students are invited for their higher education always work under the Ministry of education,Belarus and they have a valid  license to invite the foreign students to Belarus.

There are some colleges inviting foreign students to Belarus and they also have license to train international students.

At universities there are few courses which are directly taught in English medium of instructions in Belarus for foreign students.

Many countries has their native language English and the students who come from those countries normally prefer to study in English medium of instructions directly.

The universities has brilliant English speaking staff which communicate with the foreign students and guide them properly in all respects.

There are Medical,Engineering and business universities in Belarus where normally these students come to achieve their academic goals.

There are also post graduation level education available for foreign students at universities but normally post graduate education is taught in Russian medium of instructions so first year foreign students study at preparatory faculty.

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