To study computer science in Belarus will be a decision which you will never regret in practical life.

International students come from many countries for studying computer science and these foreign students study their computer science courses in Belarus at bachelor and masters faculties.

Mostly foreign students come to Belarus for studying computer science courses from Asia and Africa.

From Nigerien many students come to Belarus and study at undergraduate and graduate computer science faculties in Belarus.

Nigerian students are good at English so these Nigerian students prefer to study always their computer science course in English medium of instructions at state technical universities in Belarus.

Nigerian students come to study in Belarus after secondary school at undergraduate faculty in Belarus.

Nigerian students also come in good numbers to Belarus for studying masters in computer science once they have already passed a bachelor degree.

Ghanaian students also come to Belarus for studying computer science at technical universities for their bachelor and masters.

Ghanaian students also come to study bachelor in computer science after secondary school.

Ghanaian students also like to study in Belarus their masters in computer science once these Ghanaian students has passed their bachelor degree already no matter in Ghana or abroad.

study computer science in Belarus


Computer has become a part of everyone’s life in the world may say and if someone has

knowledge of the computer world scientifically than he/she is a much valuable person.

It is all about computer hardware and software programs and maintenance.

This is very broad field and has many branches like hardware software programming and many more areas of study.

Computer science graduates are required everywhere and in every department on different positions as today there is no sector private or government may survive without computer technology to maintain their data and internet.


Just like all countries computer science is very important subject and is taught in Belarusian technical universities for bachelor and masters.

A bachelor degree in computer science is 4 years degree program and masters degree for 2 Years of education.

This course in Belarus is taught at engineering universities in capital Minsk and other cities too.

The good thing which international students like to know is that computer science course is taught in English medium of instructions for bachelor and masters in Belarus

Those students who are good at English study computer science course directly in English medium of instructions and those whose native language is not English or who are not good at English first year study at preparatory faculty and after completion of their preparatory course join their degree program in Russian medium of instructions at computer science faculty.

This course is taught in Belarus for very affordable fee as compare to other European countries.


Duration: 4 Years

Medium Of Instructions: English

Tuition Fee: 2,500$

Accommodation: 600$

Insurance,Visa,Medical inspection,Transport,Registration Fee,Translation and Intermediary firm charge: 1,550$

First Year Tuition Pack: 4,650$

2,3,4 Year: 3,200$/Year (Inclusive each year accommodation)

Applicants interested in admission for computer science course at Belarusian engineering universities for 2021-2022 intakes may contact us anytime today for a fast processing of their admission.



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